Let's talk about Europe: What happens when we stop voting?

  • Is it an issue that less and less people vote?
  • What happens when almost no-one votes, do the results still matter?
  • Should voting be mandatory?

We will be tackling these and other questions in our event on the 25th of March in Kanepes Kulturas Centrs.

"Let's talk about Europe" are monthly informal discussion events where we discuss one major event in Europe. To make the discussions more lively and personal, we invite guests to join us in person or remotely via videoconference.

Event hosts - Linda I. Kronberga and Kristiāna Plāte.

Pasākums notiks angļu valodā!




Kaņepes kultūras centrs
Skolas iela 15
Rīga LV-1010

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